10 Pertinent Signs It's Time to Move to a New House 

As much as movies would like you to believe, moving out is not an exciting process at all. However, the fact remains that shifting to a new space can open up interesting possibilities, right from improved cost savings and gaining space to a suitable neighborhood and recreational opportunities. Aside from the actual process of putting up your Puchong's house for sale, relocating and hiring people to help you, there are plenty of factors to consider, including location, budget and your sanity. All of this takes time and money, but the challenges are worth the hassle, especially when you have reached the stage where relocation is the best way out. 

Here we elaborate 10 pertinent signs that indicate it's time to move out: 

1. You have a new Job Opportunity 

Relocating for a new job seems to be the most common and exciting of all reasons to move out. Whether you want to accelerate your career and climb the corporate ladder, or move into a new city that has ample opportunities for your specific industry, moving for work makes sense, and is considered to be a regular occurrence among youngsters and middle-aged people alike. Job dissatisfaction, low-income prospects and overall decline in quality of life may indicate it's time to change workplace and possibly move to a new city with better possibilities. However, you might want to ask yourself these 20 questions if you are ready to move for a new job. 

2. You find that commute is time-consuming

Are you living far away from your workplace? The sheer experience of commuting to and from office, fighting with the traffic and struggling to find a decent seat can drain you out completely, so much so that by the time you reach home you have no more energy for even simple, enjoyable things like watching Netflix. For this reason, many people gladly pack their luggage and move in to a new home every year to live closer to work. Moving closer to your office will grant you more sleep, more energy and ultimately make you a more productive person. In fact, a recent study has revealed that extensive commute to office impacts your mental and physical health. Cutting down your commute time could even save you big bucks in terms of gas and tolls and it could also enable more family time. Whether you are planning to start a new job or keep the current one, living closer to work is a sensible decision. 

3. You're riddled with safety concerns

One of the main reasons for moving is a decline in the safety of your neighborhood, either due to a spike in crime activity or due to disruptive neighbors with a rather destructive lifestyle. If you sense your neighborhood is not equipped with robust safety measures, or is frequented by criminals and fugitives on a regular basis, then you might be better off relocating to a new area. Additionally, presence of loud dogs, stray dogs, and environmental concerns are all sensible reasons to move to a new locality. If safety is a growing concern in your area, then don't wait too long to make a move, else you may soon find the value of your home decline. 

4. You're longing for the perks of suburban life

Sure, living in the city can be sensible, but suburbs are often more appealing in terms of safety, peace and cost of living. After years of living in a congested and fast-paced city, a suburban life might come across as a fresh respite to you. Indeed, safe neighborhoods, good schools, cleaner environment could explain why small families and retired couples are relocating to the outskirts every year. Additionally, residents also get more value for their investment in terms of size of outdoor space and square footage, as opposed to living in the city. 

5. You're feeling out of place

Neighborhoods tend to change and grow over time. Some of these changes might not appeal to you. For example, a plot of lush green trees could be entirely cleared to build a tennis court, or the society park could be demolished to expand the neighborhood. Whatever be the case, if you are feeling out of place with your locality then maybe it's time to relocate. The cosmopolitan city life may have its own perks but perhaps you're ready for a slower life in a quieter neighborhood. Alternatively, if you stay in the suburbs but are driving into the city regularly, you may not be able to achieve much in terms of cost savings if you continue living there. 

6. Your home has a lack of storage space

If you can't seem have enough storage space despite having cleared out the unnecessary clutter, sold off worn-out clothes and household items, and reorganized your home, then it's time to relocate to a new place with storage options that befit your needs. If more cabinets are likely to make your life easier, or more furniture important for your expanding family, so be it. A space-constrained home might cause you a lot of stress as you have to constantly arrange and organize things to ensure you fit everything. 

7. You have an empty nest

Akin to a growing family, if your kids too have moved out, and you are just two people living in a large home, then it might be time to downsize. After all, there's no sense of paying for all that extra space when you don't need it at all. So why not take advantage of the property market and trade in your big home for something that's smaller and perhaps equipped with upgraded features you always desired but couldn't afford during your early years. Of course, for empty nesters, leaving a family-sized home filled with fond memories can be rather tough, but remember, sometimes less is more. And by downsizing, decluttering and relocating to a new home that suits your needs, you will get to spend more time doing the things you love and less time cleaning and maintaining an empty house. 

8. You want a good return on your investment

The market is hot for sellers right now, so if you are looking to get a good bang for your buck then now is the time. This is especially true if you have made sufficient renovations to increase the resale value of your home. Buyers can still get a nice bet even in the seller's market. The latest U.S News Report (http://money.usnews.com/money/personal-finance/articles/2015/04/13/12-tips-for-spring-homebuying-in-a-sellers-market) suggests that buyers can get a suitable home at a reasonable price if they are savvy and ready to relocate quickly. That means doing research, chalking out the financial plans and finding a good agent. 

9. You are looking to save

For many, money is the sole driving force of existence. But if the struggle to pay home repair bills, utility bills and hefty mortgage installments is keeping you up at night, then moving to a less costly home in a more affordable neighborhood might be the answer. Every growing metropolis has outlying towns and districts that are rapidly being developed. It is possible to find new homes at a budget-friendly price tag in these places. If you are really desperate to save money, ensure to find out the property taxes in your new neighborhood as these may vary from place and place, and even a small difference can add a staggering amount to your monthly mortgage. 

10. You're preparing for a new phase of life

Marriage, kids, new family members, and aging parents all bring about changes in your lifestyle, and sometimes even require you to relocate to a new home that is more suitable to your specific situation. Alternatively, if you are planning to settle down with your beloved, or are the sole caretaker for aging loved ones, merging households can save you stress, time and money. Even if the change in your relationship is undesirable, then it may be time to move out and on for good! After all, life doesn't go planned all the time, and relocation might just be the best way to deal with these changes. 

Last but not the least, if you feel that your current home doesn't quite support your dreams and your true calling is someplace else, then that might be reason enough to put up your house for sale using property listing website such as PropertyGuru. Sometimes starting afresh in a new city amid new surroundings can make all the difference in the world. Don't forget that life is too short to wake up with regrets and stress every day, so if a one-time relocation seems to help, then so be it.