Vacationing in Malaysia is one of the right choices. This country, which is famous for its Petronas twin towers, has everything you need on vacation. Starting from natural tourist destinations, hotels, and inns, culinary tours, or shopping tours.

Apart from that, there are various very interesting sporting events held in Malaysia. Badminton lovers must be familiar with big events such as the Malaysia Open and Malaysia Master. Apart from watching live matches, you can even meet badminton athletes from all over the world. Meanwhile, for those of you who like formula one, the Sepang circuit is certainly an option.

4 culinary destination in Malaysia

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For foodies, going for a walk to a new place will be more complete if it is coupled with tasting its typical culinary delights. Here are some recommendations for culinary tours in Malaysia and you should try them:

Recommendation of Culinary Tours in Malaysia

1. Pasar Alor

This unique market is a culinary paradise for street vendors and typical Malaysian snacks. Open starting in the afternoon, but you will be surprised because late at night the visitors who come are even more crowded.

You can find various snacks at Pasar Alor, starting from Malay snacks, and Indian snacks, to Chinese snacks that dominate Pasar Alor. In addition to snacks, they also provide several types of refreshing drinks. Pasar Alor also offers a wide variety of fresh fruits, durian is no exception.

Visiting here, you need to know that one snack that is sold ranges from 5-15 Malaysian Ringgits as well as drinks that are priced starting from 2-3 Malaysian Ringgits. Affordable enough, right?

2. Petaling Street Night Market

Do you want to enjoy delicious and inexpensive street food? Petaling Street Night Market can be one of your favorite culinary spots. Jalan Petaling is a Chinatown area in Kuala Lumpur. Here you can taste Malaysian culinary specialties with a thick oriental flavor at very cheap prices starting from MYR10.

You can also easily find a variety of Malaysian Chinese specialties, such as chee Cheong fun, Hokkien mee to yong tao foo. For local specialties, you can try the famous Peking duck. Don't forget to try the cat's tear drink in the middle of the Petaling intersection. Your dinner will be very satisfying.

3. Village Park Restaurant

This delicious place to eat in Malaysia is a perfect place to overcome hunger. Especially after you go around the streets of the Petaling Jaya area, Selangor. Village Park Restaurant offers a pleasant and very comfortable dining atmosphere. This can increase your appetite.

This restaurant is also highly recommended to unwind for a while eating while on vacation. Here you can taste a variety of culinary delights whose names are similar to Indonesian cuisine, but of course, the taste is different.

You can buy one of the menus here, namely nasi uduk. Nasi uduk here is clearly different from Indonesia, which is also of Malay descent. If there, nasi uduk is prepared with coconut milk, while here, nasi uduk is prepared with special spices. So, even though the taste is different, it's still delicious and filling. Oh yes, there is also a delicious nasi lemak menu that you can try. Choose according to your taste.

4. Restoran Yusoof dan Zakhir

One of the largest ethnic groups in Malaysia is India. They have lived here for a very long time, so it's no wonder that you can find Indian food easily in Malaysia.

Yusoof and Zakhir Restaurant Is a typical Indian restaurant that also sells Malay specialties. The menu offered here is very diverse, but you need to know that this restaurant's mainstay menu is village fried rice served with large pieces of fried chicken.

Do you also want to try the Indian breakfast menu? You have to try the Prata bread dipped in delicious curry sauce. The restaurant, which is located in front of the Central Market, also has martabak filled with beef or mutton.

Usually, this martabak is served with three types of curry, brown, sweet red, and savory yellow. The price offered by this restaurant is very affordable.

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