MoneySave has successfully crowdfunded more than RM190m as of 19 November 2021 with more than 800 Investment campaigns the past 18 months since going live in May 2020. We are also proud to manage a 0% default rate across all approved investments. This makes Moneysave to be the fastest and best performing P2P Crowdfunding Platform that is regulated by Securities Commission of Malaysia” explains Vincent Soh, the Founder and CEO of Moneysave.

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For its achievements in 2021, Moneysave has also won numerous awards such as Golden Bull Award, SME100 Malaysia – Fast Moving Companies, Alibaba Cloud CREATE Top 5 in ASEAN, STAR Outstanding Business Award and DPI Innovative Leadership and many others.

Vincent Soh, the Founder and CEO of Moneysave

Investments using MoneySave Platform benefits Malaysian SMEs directly as it provides working capital and project financing required by the SMEs from various industries such as Aerospace Engineering, Food Manufacturing and Distribution, FMCG, AgriTech, PowerTech and Energy, Oil & Gas Services and many others.

Since its launch the past 18 months, MoneySave has:

1) Crowdfunded  >RM190m and benefited a supply chain of  >5,000 SMEs and Enriched

>50,000 Families indirectly

2) Provided Safer Investment Platform with 0% Default Rate by the SMEs since launch

3) Provided Investor returns  >16% per annum (effective rate)

4) >50% of SMEs are Crowdfunded in  <30 minutes on Moneysave

5) And the SMEs receive the investments within the same day


MoneySave is the 1 st Crowdfunding Platform in World to use a patented Risk Reduction Incentive Score where SMEs enjoy lower cost of financing if they lower their credit risks.

For example, if they provide Post Dated Cheques as security, they enjoy 0.50% p.a. discount, with Personal Guarantee the discount is 1.50% p.a., with Key Man Life Insurance assigned to the Platform’s Investors the discount is up to 1.50% p.a. and many others.

MoneySave crowdfunds companies from 6 months old incorporation onwards and does not need any collateral as security for financing up to RM25m currently. 


Moneysave over the next 5 years would contribute to Malaysia:

  •  An economic multiplier effect of Moneysave’s funding expected to be >RM160bn

           (>5% of GDP) based on RM16bn of SME Funded

  •  Our success would benefit >100,000 SMEs (10% of SMEs in Malaysia) and Enrich

           1,000,000 Families

Moneysave’s track record in Malaysia includes being:

  •  The Fastest Crowdfunder of RM10.3m in less than 30 minutes on 9/9/2021
  •  Fastest Crowdfunder per Issuer in Malaysia at 95 secs for Potboy Groceries in 2020.


About Moneysave (M) Sdn. Bhd.

Moneysave is wholly-owned and managed by Moneysave (M) Sdn Bhd which is a
Recognised Market Operator registered by the Securities Commission of Malaysia to
operate a peer-to-peer financing platform.

Moneysave reviews and assess all applications before the investment notes are allowed to
be hosted on the platform by referring to the information sourced from official sources or
information providers.